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Sylvias`Bridal Sampler







Ute A_1 Mosaic No 3

Ute A_2 Shoo Fly

Ute A_3 Bright Hopes

Ute A_4 Posies Round the Square

Ute A_5 Amethyst

Ute A_6 Tennessee

Ute A_7 Cats and Mice

Ute A_8 Star of the Orient

Ute A_9  Chinese Coin

Ute A_10 Bachelor's Puzzle


Ute B_1 Stamp Baskets

Ute B_2 Gulf Star

Ute B_3 Cross and Crown

Ute B_4 Children's Delight

Ute B_5 Grandmother's Flowergarden

Ute B_6 Crow's Foot

Ute B_7 Swamp Patch

Ute B_8 Mrs. Cleveland's Choice

Ute B_9 Irish Chain

Ute B_10 Friendship Star


Ute C_2 Wedding Ring

Ute C_3 Album

uteC_4 Sister's Choice


Ute  C_6 Crossed Canoes


C_8 Grape Basket

Ute C_9 Grandmother's Pride


Ute D_1 Hands All Around

Ute D_2 Milky Way





Ute D_7 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Ute D_8 Rosebud

Ute D_9 Orange Peel

Ute D_10 Boy's Nonsense

Ute E_1 Nine-Patch




Ute E_5 Handy Andy


Ute E_7 Ribbon Star


Ute  E_9 Queen Charlotte's Crown

Ute E_10 Hunter' s Star

Ute F_1 Silver and Gold

Ute F_2 Fool's Puzzle

Ute F_3 Bow Tie


Ute F_5 New York Beauty

F_6 Album 2





Ute G_1 Love in a Mist










Ute H_1 Log Cabin







Ute H_8 Pinwheel


Ute H_10 King's Star

Ute I_1 True Lover's Knot

Ute I_2 Winding Ways

Ute I_3 Dutchman's Puzzle

Ute I_4 Anvil



Ute I_7 Right Hand of Friendship

Ute I_8 Birds in the Air

Ute I_9 Yankee Puzzle

Ute I_10 Rocky Road to Dublin

Ute J_1 Sawtooth Star

Ute J_2 Trip Around the World


Ute J_4 Autumn Leaaf


Ute J_6 Puss in the Corner

Ute J_7 Pinwheel


Ute J_9 Snail's Trail

J_10 Follow the Leader

K_1 Road to Oklahoma


K_3 Churn Dash

Ute K_4 Glorified Nine-Patch




Ute K_8 Grandmother's Fan


Ute K_10 Tumbling Blocks

Ute L_1 Friendship Quilt


Ute L_3 54-40 or Fight

Ute L_4 Bride's Bouquet

Ute L_5 Pineapple

Ute L_6 Steps to the Altar


Ute L_8 Kansas Troubles


L_10 Contrary Wife



Ute M_3 Dresden Plate


Ute M_5 Ohio Star





Ute M_10 Key West Beauty

Ute N_1 Courthouse Steps

Ute  N_2 Card Trick

uteN_3 Clay's Choice


Ute N_5 Windblown Square

Ute N_6 Kaleidoscope

Ute N_7 Duck and Ducklings

N_8 Double Nine Patch

Ute N_9 Broken Dishes

Ute N_10 Diamond Friendship




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