UrsulaG = QF Ursulala  näht einen

Baby Jane

Start 08.08.2011




Rand TR 1 Spanish Moss

Rand TR 2 Australian Pines

Rand TR 3 Checkerboard

Rand TR 4 Bennington Cross

Rand TR 5 Michigan Dunes

Rand TR 6 Carla´s Candle Flame

Rand TR 7 Norway´s Fjord

Rand TR 8 Brigadoon

Rand TR 9 Needle´s Point

Rand TR 10 Precious Gems

Rand TR 11 Phoenix

TR 12 Jane´s Oak

Rand TR 13 Eiffel Tower



A 1 Pinwheel Gone Awry


A-3 Hunters Moon

A 4 Courtney´s Stetoscope

A-5, Cathie´s Campfire

A 6 Uncle Homer

A 7 Dads Plaids

A 8 Florence Nightingale

A 9 Cabin Fever

A 10 Whichs  Points West

A 11 Peebles Protest

A 12 Framed Fancy

A 13 Starlight Starbright

RS 1 Tennessee Valley

Rand LS 2 Barb´s Diamond

B 1 Batchelors Button

B-2, Sweet Tater Pie

B-3, Mirror Image

B 4 Chris´s Soccer Field

B-5, Hot Cross Buns

B-6 Wild Goose Chase

B 7 world series

B 8 water Lily

B 9 Tinker Toy

B-10 Juds Trophy

B11 Melissa´s Cross

B 12 Starflower

B13 Four Corner Press

RS 2 Cherokee Lee

Rand LS 3 Connie´s Brownies

C 1 Troopers Green´s Badge

C 2 Streak of Lightning

C-3, Ralley´s Fence

C 4 Tic Tac Toe

C 5 Eye of the Cyclone

C 6 Ashleys Aura

C 7 Megans Mountain Laurel

C-8 Hannis Crown

C 9 Janes Tears

C-10 Patriots Latern

C-11 Soldiers and Sailors Monument

C 12 Familiy Reunion

C-13 Lacota Sioux

Rand RS 3 Epicenter


D-1 Alisons Guiding Light

D 2 mouse in a mirror

D 3 Jasons Jacks

D-4, Christal Star, 2

D 5 Cathedral Window

D 7 Meeting Place

D-6 Callenge (tauscht Platz mit D-7!!!)

D-8, Bee Dees Delight

D 9 Uncle Richard

D 10 Battlefield

D 11 Snow Crystal

D 13 Field of Dreams

ursuD12, Crossed Swords

RS 4 Dutch Apron


E1 Aunt Exies Phlox

E-2 Merry Mai

E 3 Paddle Wheels

E 4 Buffalo Tree Hopper

E-5 Rising Sun

ursuE6, Michelle´s Medley

E 7 Bread Basket

E 8 Mamas Maze

E 9 Quilt Jail

E-10 Fire and Dime

E-11 Wagon Wheel

E 12 Mary Ruth´s Corsett

E 13 Moth in a web

Rand RS 5 Geisha Girl

Rand LS 6 Susie Q

ursuF1, Big Top

ursuF2, Kaleidoscope

F 3 Snow Ball

F 4 Old windmill

F-5 Parcheesi

F 6 Deanies Daisies

F-7 Star Struck

ursuF8, Church Window

F-9 Autumn Aster

ursuF10, Potholder

F11 On Target

F12 Starburst

F 13 Tour de France

RS 6 Tumbling Blocks

LS 7 Sally´s Steeple

G-1, Hattlie`s Hen House

G 2 Mohawk Trail

G 3 Four Leave Clover

G 4 Shutter Bug

G-5 Poof

G 6 Papas Star

G 7 Indianapolis

G8 Justin´s Comet

G 9 Marys Journey

G 10 Woven Meadow

G-11 Decisions Decisions

G 12 Gloriae

G13 Molly´s Muffins

RS 7 Fidelia´s Hearts


H 1 Peek-a-boo

ursuH2, Jacob Anthony

ursuH3 Berry Baskets

H-4, Abbey´s Eyes

H 5 Michaels Motorcycle

M6 Pie Sale

ursuH7, Bennington Star

H8 Eaton´s Crossroads

H9 Snowflake Melt

H 10 Ben´s Bowtie

UrsulH11, Piercing Rays

H 12 Hannah Lous Hearts

H 13 Farm Fields

RS 8 Love Forever

LS 9 Kiwi

I  1 Ralph & Neldas Wedding

I 2 Kayes Courtyard

I 3 Familiy Album

I 4 Sability

I 5 Marie´s Majesty

I 6 Viewers Choice

I-7 Mac and Muff

I 8 Petes Paintbox

I 9 Chase A Myth

I10 Iris´ Medallion

I-11 Coyote Chase

ursuI-12, Fred´s Squaire Fair

I 13 Sweet Harmony

RS 9 Danish Delight

Rand LS 10 Megan´s Cathedral

J-1 Josephas Jonquil

J 2 Picture Perfect

J 3 Rick´s Volleyball

J 4 Adeleines Apron

UrsulJ5, John Jacob´s Windmill

ursuJ6, Granny Weaver

ursuJ7, Chicken Tracks

J-8, Anna´s Anchor

J 9 Maury High School

J-10, Chieko´s Cala

J-11 Twin Sisters

J 12 Rebeccas Basket

J 13 Pams Bells

Rand RS 10 Grandma Nan´s Bodice

Rand LS 11 Kathy´s Cake

ursuK1, Crooked Creek

K 2 Grandpa´s Chicken

ursuK3, Seven Sisters

ursuK4, Thea´s Turn

K 5 Passing Through

ursuK6, Ann´s Folly

K 7 Rose of sharing

ursuK8, Springbrook Park

ursuK9, Scouts Honor

UrsulK10, Quandry

UrsulK11, Columbine

ursuK12, Doris´s Dilemma

K 13 Brandon´s Star

RS 11 Hills of Jerusalem

Rand LS 12 Button Hook

UrsulL1, Widow´s Pane

UrsulL2, Stephanie´s Snowflakes

UrsulL3, Reflections Abound

UrsulL4, St. George´s Cross

UrsulL5, Chattanooga Charly

UrsulL6, Maze of Madness

UrsulL7, Town Square

UrsulL8, Box Kite

UrsulL9, Walter´s Place

L10 Nan´s Naidad

UrsulL11, Caitlin´s Rose

L 13 Harvest Moon

L12 Sally´s Pride

RS 12 Linda´s Church in the Valley

Rand LS 13 Watermelon

UrsulM1, Dogwood Days

UrsulM2, Duff´s Bluff

M 3 Fireweed Flower

UrsulM4, Stepping Stones

UrsulM5, Mothers Point

M6 Simplicitiy

M 7 Junkos Rose Garden

UrsulM8, Enchanted Square

UrsulM9, Fan Dance

M 10 Simple Simon

M 11 Rickshaw

M-12, Hopscotch

ursuM13, Lynette´s Diamond

Rand RS 13 Marlene´s Pirouette


Rand BR 1 Rosemary´s Rainbow

Rand BR 2 Leigh´s Woods


Rand BR 4 Candy Dish

Rand BR 5 Gay´s Glory






Rand BR 11 Tartan




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