Guidance to prepare the Quilt
Homage to Hawaii

Choose Fabric in accordance to your own gusto.
SEW all blocks first according to the template.
Please select the method you like; the Freezer Paper (totally Stable) method offered here or use the Hawaiian-Stitch-Method.
Please add enough seam allowance to the background, narrow inner strips and seam strips whilst cutting out !
After finishing the singular blocks please sew em together, follow the Layout / Template. The precise arrangement and color combination is naturally up to you !
After finishing this step: Please additional check the precision of dimensions, align / straight the Hawaii-Tops if needed.
Fix the side stripes around, first on top and bottom followed by the sides. I choose a contrast color here in 3 cm width (plus 0.5 cm SA=Seam Allowance) [1.2 inch +1/5 inch SA].
Cut out the Border Strips in the width of your choice. I choose 12 cm + 0.5 cm SA [~5 inch + 1/5 inch SA]. Again, please fix the upper and lower stripe first followed by the sides.
Please cut out the Fleece and the Rear / Back. Make sure the Rear and the Fleece shall be little bigger as the Front / Top!
Bring all three layers together on stack.
You may use spray cement or you tack the layer with needles..

If you tack it together with needles use an approx. 10 cm [4 inch] distance maximum needle per needle. Tack it horizontal, vertical and diagonal in order to prevent distortion / draft whilst quilting later on.
The extraordinary is the Quilting. The Shadow-Quilting makes the Hawaiian Quilt looking special elegant and expressive.Please keep the distance between the Quilt-Lines narrow. Please keep less than 1 cm all the time, better 0.5 - 0.7 cm [less than 2/5 inch, better 1/5 - 1/3 inch].
Please make sure that Quilt - Lines do not cross each other. They shall follow each other pretty harmonic.
After Quilting frame the whole with a bias binding (stripe) in fitting color.
Sew this on the top with a good foot width. After this fold it back and sew it per hand with whipstitch.
The only need to do now is to prepare YOUR “Homage to Hawaii” Quilt for the wall.
Just add on a Tunnel or Hanger loops on the top of the Quilt. Use a natural piece of wood stick and hang it to the wall of choice.
Do not forget to bring all your love into the Quilt like the historic fairytales tell. Please allow to spend at least one night under your Quilt
02/2006 ©Ute Glueck (engl. Version Walter Glueck) .

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